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Homestyle Lao Food, bEcause eating with your hands taste better

made with Love

#iEatLaoFood is headed back indoors, hosting 30 days of pop ups @ the North 3rd Street Market!

What started as a few BBQs in the backyard of our Brooklyn home in the spring of 2015, #iEatLaoFood has since grown to produce numerous pop up events across the city. This summer, #iEatLaoFood will venture into the food festival scene, continuing our mission to spread Lao food and culture to the public. 

#iEatLaoFood specializes in homestyle Lao fare, all of which was learned in Ma's kitchen. Lao food is the hidden gem in South East Asian cuisine and we are encouraging anyone who hasn't tried it, to do so. By hosting various pop up dinners and events across the city, we hope to share Lao food with people who wouldn't normally have access to it.



(917) 200-3149



North 3rd Street Market
103 N3rd St
Brooklyn, NY 11249


Mon 12pm-9pm
Wed 12pm-9pm
Thu 12pm-9pm
Fri 12pm-9pm
Sat 12pm-9pm
Sun 12pm-9pm

North 3rd street Market

Brooklyn, NY 11249

United States


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